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    Meeting Dentist needs for over 55 years. How may we help you?


Are you ready for a career change or start a new career? Welcome to the world of dentistry. Our goal is to teach you the skill you'll need to become a successful highly skilled Dental Assistant in an efficient and friendly environment . Here's a break down between our school and larger schools. 



  • Our facility has 3 treatment rooms which meets the needs of our 4-6 students. Larger schools have 1-2 treatment room which doesn't meet the needs of 20-30 students.

  • Currently our graduation rate stands at 100% since our first class.

  • Currently 100% of our students passed the state mandatory RDA Exam since our first class.

  • Many of our students find jobs will still attending our school.

  • We offer job placement assistance. (we do not guarantee you will find a job)

  • Majority of our training is hands on.This help the student transition from our dental office to any other dental office.

  • We don’t move on to the next lesson until everyone understands the subject at hand

  • Students are allowed to work on our patient to gain hands on experience before they graduate.

  • Students are taught current techniques used in today’s offices

  • We offer a short 10 week course.

  • Morning/Afternoon/Evening Classes available.

  • Enrollment requirements- Must have High School Diploma, GED., or equivalent.

  • Classes taught in a dental office.

  • Evening classes are available for working adults.

  • Small class size 4-6 student per class(each class has its own group/ family feel. We start together/We finish together)

  • An enormous amount of one on one training

  • School Address: NDS Dental Assistant School, 3740 S. University, Suite 201, FW, TX 76109 (817)-920-7569

  • Low cost Affordable tuition and in house Financing available for everyone. (in house financing is NOT based on your credit score.)

  • Upon graduation you will receive the same license and credentials as if you attended a larger more expensive school, but at NDS you will receive license in less time and 6 times less the cost. Our training allows you to become more confident in your skills.

  • We are approved and regulated through the Texas Workforce Commission career schools and colleges and we are allowed to start a class at any time when we have two or more students.

  • NDS Dental Assistant School gives people an opportunity to change their life and start a new career as a Dental Assistant.

  • We don’t feel you met your ultimate goal until you start your career as a Dental Assistant or Dental front desk.

  • We only teach verbiage and key terms used in today’s dental offices.

  • We train students in fully equipped treatment rooms, not mock up offices, which are provided at larger schools.

  • Externship is not mandatory for graduation though suggested. If a student is offered a job after graduation, we will not prohibit the student from accepting the job due to not completing an externship.

NDS Dental Assistant School and Larger Dental Assistant Schools are common in the following areas.

  • Approved and regulated through State of Texas
  • Assists you register with the state as a Registered Dental Assistant


NDS Dental Assistant School trains you to become a dental assistant in LESS TIME and LESS THE COST!!

The choice is yours!

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Giving God the Glory! Calling all youth, unemployed adults, and adults ready for a career change. Great news! Our school’s 10 week dental assisting program is on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Texas Statewide List of Certified Training Providers for all Texas County’s workforce development area. Also we have partnered with the 

Please contact Mr. Micheal Wilson at (817)-727-3088 ([email protected]) for information on how you may qualify to receive assistance paying for some or all of your training. 3rd party financing and in-house financing is also available. We are currently enrolling new students.