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    Meeting Dentist needs for over 55 years. How may we help you?

Are you ready for a career change or to start a new career? Welcome to the world of dentistry. Our goal is to teach you the training you'll need to become a successful highly skilled Dental Assistant in an efficient and friendly environment . 

We are approved and regulated through State of Texas

How are we different from larger schools?

Click here to watch a video of our school vs larger schools

NDS Dental Assistant School trains you to become a dental assistant in LESS TIME and LESS THE COST!!

The choice is yours!

Are you receiving snap or unemployment?  You may qualify for FREE TUITION! 80% of our students are approved! Click here and fill out our pre-screen  form!

If you are ready to select a program and need a loan that is NOT just based on your credit for approval. Click one of the buttons below!

Dental Assistant with 2 electives $6300

Dental Assistant Plus $8,000

Advanced Expanded Dental Assistant $14,400